– Vitamins A and D accelerate skin regeneration
– Rich in vital minerals
– Particularly suitable for the stimulation of tired and inactive skin



Caviar is luxury
Caviar is a veritable pool of minerals and vitamins. This enormous diversity of valuable ingredients is something that humans have been benefiting from for centuries. Caviar was originally used by common people as a very nutritious food. In the 19th century, the nutritious and beneficial properties of caviar were particularly discovered by the Russian aristocracy. They regarded caviar as a symbol of “fine living”. Since this time, caviar has been reserved for a small, elite group of people. These days, it is once again accessible to a larger group of people, but it still enjoys its exquisite reputation. It continues to be perceived as a high-quality luxury, particularly due to its numerous valuable ingredients.

Valuable Ingredients
Caviar is very rich in natural proteins, minerals, essential amino acids and various vitamins. This nutritious composition was rapidly used in body care. In today’s cosmetics, caviar is mainly used for the care of tired and inactive skin. It is particularly
ideal to fullfil the needs of mature skin.

Stimulation of the Cell Metabolism by Amino Acids
Caviar is particularly renowned for its tightening and restructuring properties on the skin. Its amino acids have a major influence on the cell metabolism and the skin’s moisture. The cell metabolism is actively stimulated, the skin regenerates itself and appears tight and healthy. This effect is valuably supported by the Vitamins A and D. Vitamin A boosts the skin’s renewal; Vitamin D is mainly renowned for its incredible antiaging effect.

Valuable Mix of Minerals and Glucosides
The balanced mix of important minerals, such as magnesium, potassium or iron, ideally nourishes the skin. The high level of glucosides also reduces water loss and thus combats the skin’s dehydration. Thanks to its excellently balanced active ingredient complex, caviar provides the skin with many important nutrients and thus helps it to look healthy and beautiful.



Fields of application
Collagen Caviar Extract is primarily suitable for the treatment of tired, stressed and inactive skin. It acts as an energy booster and refreshes you skin to its natural balance. Collagen Caviar Extract is the right choice for restoring a lively and fine complexion.

Frequency of application
Collagen Caviar Extract is primarily applied as a full facial treatment. The frequency of application can be individually adjusted to the needs and condition of the skin to be treated. The application can also be performed curatively on a daily basis, e.g. during a spa stay, in order to obtain intensive and rapid regeneration.

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