1. Apply the Mask.
    The collagen structure of the mask resembles the natural collagen structure of the skin. Therefore, It is exceptionally welltolerated by the skin.
  2. It is activated by moisturization.
  3. The skin is intensively hydrated.
  4. The soluble elements are activated and released from the mask.
  5. How 3PLE ACTION SYSTEM works:Native, insoluble collagen fibersin MATRICOL® form a three dimensional network. The highly concentrated collagen has a high water binding capacity, thus ensuring an intensive moisture transfer to the skin.Native collagen molecules dissociate from the mask via activation. They strengthen the skin’s moisture binding capacity and support the smoothening of wrinkles. Skin-identical collagen peptides are released. Their size and electric charge enable them to penetrate the skin. Peptides act as signal substances in skin recovery, influencing tissue regeneration and cell metabolism.
  6. Results of the treatment:
    – The skin becomes noticeably smooth and firm.
    – Irritated skin is rapidly calmed.
    – It gets a fresh and radiant look.



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