In addition to the Pure Collagen Biomatrix, active cosmetic substances are added to the biomatrices to become the Collagen Biomatrix +Plus, which offers complete product solutions for the needs of every skin condition.


Allantoin & Panthenol

Lessens itching and inflammation, reduces roughness, improves skin’s suppleness and smoothness; with keratolytic effect (in case of seborrhoe and acne); improves cell-proliferation.

Aloe Vera

Assist the regeneration of damaged skin cells; anti-inflammatory; calming, cooling and moisturizing. Ideally suited for dry, strained, mature and sensitive skin that is easily irritated.

Caviar Extract

Supports skin cells renewal by stimulating blood circulation and providing protein, vitamins A & D, minerals and nutrients. It lessens facial lines, prevents new lines formation and ageing. Ideally suited for mature, dry and inelastic skin.

Gingko Biloba

Accelerate blood circulation, vitalize and strengthen the epidermis. Ideally suited for dry, strained, mature and sensitive skin that is easily irritated. Outstanding result on pale skin.

Skin Relax

A newly developed and patented active agent, Myoxinol, extracted from hibiscus seed, relaxes facial features and smoothens expression lines effectively. It decelerates skin aging by its cell-protecting (antioxidant) effects. It combats wrinkles in a similar way to botulinumtoxin (Botox) by blocking mechanical factors that are responsible for forming expression lines. A perfect wrinkle removal and anti-aging solution, especially ideal for mature, dry and inelastic skin.


It contains water-soluble vitamin C that penetrates deep into the skin, where its effects can fully develop. It revitalizes prematurely aging, tired and hyperpigmented skin; while smoothens fine lines and expression lines. For irregular complexion skin, it has a balancing effect and leaves the skin in glowing, smooth condition. It has a long-lasting effect via biomodulation of the active ingredient, significant results can be seen in just one treatment.


Rovisome prevents excessive pigmentation formation; bleaches age-related spots; removes paleness; whitens while moisturizes; lightens the skin’s tone. Suitable for every skin type.



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