– Protects the skin against premature aging
– Proven ability to smooth fine lines on the skin
– Ensures a smooth, even complexion by gently lightening the skin
– Long-lasting effect via biomodulation of the active ingredient



The fight against premature aging
Smoking, alcohol, or stress as well as the hazards of the daily environment like ultraviolet rays can cause premature and accelerated aging of the skin – the result is neither desired nor pretty. The skin acquires a tired texture and looks unhealthy and drab. Mature skin is particularly sensitive to environmental damage. It is usually thinner, drier, and easily damaged. If the skin is now exposed to wear and tear it can lose elasticity and resilience; wrinkles develop and deepen.

Vitamin C is one of the most important nutrients
Vitamin C is an all-rounder in beauty care and plays a crucial role in the battle against symptoms of premature aging. Its proven property of providing support for the body’s vital functions is well-known. Vitamin C takes a place right next to water and oxygen as a crucial substance for the human organism. Almost all metabolic processes in the body are influenced by vitamin C. Vitamin C also influences the skin’s translucent characteristics. In particular, liver spots due to aging can be effectively combated with the power of vitamin C. The skin will glow and gain a smooth, healthy complexion.



Anti-oxidizing effect in the battle against free radicals
Vitamin C has three central functions. Firstly its anti-oxidizing role against free radicals has been conclusively established. The effects of free radicals can be seen every morning in the mirror. They accelerate the aging process of the skin and attack protective cell membranes and vital proteins in the epidermis. With its anti-oxidative effect, vitamin C has the ability to halt the radical-catalyzed chain reaction of the destruction of crucial cell elements, as numerous scientific studies have concluded. Vitamin C protects living tissue in the body by deactivating free radicals.

Increased synthesis of collagen
Vitamin C is essential for each cell that produces the connective tissue collagen. Vitamin C activates the collagen-producing cells; it supports the skin’s own regenerative capabilities and stimulates the building of collagen through increased neosynthesis.
The use of products containing vitamin C has a proven smoothing effect on the skin. On the basis of the excellent hydration properties of the exceptionally pure collagen biomatrix, water-soluble vitamin C can penetrate deep into the skin, where its effect can fully develop.

Effective melanin inhibition
Vitamin C’s ability to suppress production of melanin has been scientifically established. Ultraviolet rays activate the enzyme tyrosinase in the skin. This is the same enzyme that is responsible for the unpleasant browning effect when cut fruit is exposed to the air. This activation is suppressed by the vitamin c, and the skin is given no opportunity to produce melanin. Vitamin C is especially suitable for use in the treatment of hyperpigmented skin. The result is a more attractive, lighter complexion.

Vitamin C blocks the activation of tyrosinase in the skin. If the enzyme is deactivated, the transformation of tyrosin into dopa, and further on to dopaquinone, is prevented. The production of melanin is safely and effectively inhibited in the initial stages.




Vitamin C is required throughout the body in the construction of connective tissue. Due to these competing demands, it is sensible to direct vitamin C to those local areas which are in particular need of care and revitalization. As the skin is an important area, yet a peripheral part of the body as a whole, it is recommended to apply vitamin C in a directed manner. To maximise the effectiveness of Collagen Vital C, the vitamin is deployed in the biomatrix in stabilized form. Ascorbyl-Glucoside is a molecule of Vitamin C paired with a sugar group, which produces the remarkable stability. This is a patented active ingredient. The stability of the active ingredient in the presence of water, heat and pH-changes was proven during extensive testing carried out by the producers and show impressive results.

Reduction In Depth Of Wrinkles and Roughness

After only 90 days a treatment with a 2% concentration of the patented active ingredient ascorbyl glucoside results in a significant reduction in depth of wrinkles and skin roughness.  (Source: Hayashibara International)


Long-term effectiveness via vitamin storage

During treatment with Collagen Vital C, the stabilized vitamin C is released and conveyed into the skin. Enzymes in the skin – of the glucosidase type – break down the compound into pure vitamin C and glucose. This transformation of the substance is called biomodulation, and occurs as a result of specific glucosidase activity in the skin over an extended period of time. Thus the skin is provided with a reserve of the substance. The result is a protective and retardative effect by the Ascorbyl-Glucosides to provide long-lasting care. The properties of collagen support the effectiveness of Ascorbyl-Glucoside in a specific manner. While creams and lotions that are mainly water-based struggle with the long-term stability of vitamin C, the freeze-dried collagen mask of collagen provides an ideal basis for the substance. Due to the water-free structure of the biomatrix the active ingredient is sustained for a longer time than in most other galenicals. The penetration and stimulant properties of collagen ensure that the vitamin C permeates well into the skin, so that its full effects can develop there.



Possibilities of application
Collagen Vital C is suitable for application in the revitalization of prematurely aging, tired skin. In cases of hyperpigmentation (e.g. liver spots) or irregular complexion Collagen Vital C has a balancing effect and leaves the skin in glowing, smooth condition.

Frequency of application
As one component of an anti-aging treatment – for example in the context of a visit to a beauty spa – the use of Collagen Vital C is recommended two to three times per week. The frequency of application can be individually adjusted to the needs and condition of the skin to be treated. The same applies to usage with the aim of achieving a smooth, lightened complexion. Collagen Vital C can even be used as a one-off treatment, because after one application there are immediate visible results. However to ensure long-lasting success, the treatment should be applied at regular intervals.

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