ALGAE BIOMATRIX is a biomatrix built up on polysaccharide structure on the basis of algae derivates. Through lyophilisation raw materials are transformed into a water-less structure and retained in a highly pure form. The algae biomatrix forms a firm, internally stable system – a form that differs from all other algae products, e.g. micronized or pulverized. When moisture is added, it foms a massageable gel. It is scent-free, pleasant to the skin and extremely spreadable and lubricating. Made without the addition of preservatives, chemical cross-linking agents or perfumes, the mask is particularly skin-compatible.

The cosmetic effectiveness of ALGAE BIOMATRIX has been scientifically proven by research carried out by the institute Derma Consult, Alfter.



The ALGAE BIOMATRIX is the result of a worldwide unique technology: a process of refinement by purely physical means. The high-tech production process lyophilization (freeze-drying) gently removes the water from valuable, natural raw materials. In this way, the raw materials are preserved in their native form and can be mobilized anytime by adding liquid to the biomatrix.

The ALGAE BIOMATRIX forms a polysaccharide structure that encloses active ingredients like a net. This makes it an ideal carrier for additional active substances. ALGAE BIOMATRIX retains even delicate substances like Vitamin C loss-free and releases them unhindered to the skin on application.

Upon activation with liquid ALGAE BIOMATRIX dissolves to form a viscous gel which can be ideally massaged as it is:

– extremely spreadable and lubricating
– very pleasant to the skin

Raw materials to be used in skin care must be of the highest purity. The seaweed derivates used in ALGAE BIOMATRIX are highly purified and satisfy the highest standards of product safety and tolerance.

Modern skin care demands especially skin-compatible and highly effective products that have to be innovative and natural at the same time. ALGAE BIOMATRIX combines these expectations in one product:

>> Natural
Highly purified seeweed derivates are the base for ALGAE BIOMATRIX. Due to the gentle process of lyophilization the ingredients of ALGAE BIOMATRIX are stored safely until usage and are not activated until moisture is added.

>> Highly skin-compatible
The proprietary production process of lyophilization makes it possible to produce without the addition of preservatives, chemical cross-linking agents or perfumes. Therefore ALGAE BIOMATRIX has a perfect, clinically tested skin-compatibility and is suitable for even extremely sensitive skin.

>> Highly effective
The massage gel ALGAE BIOMATRIX gets prepared shortly before usage. Therefore the ingredients are activated just in time and loss-free. ALGAE BIOMATRIX is proven to protect the skin from damaging influences, leaves it immediately feeling smooth and supplied with moisture.

ALGAE BIOMATRIX has been clinically tested and evaluated by an independent institute. The results prove its high degree of physiological compatibility and cosmetic efficacy.

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