Reduction of the transepidermal water loss
ALGAE BIOMATRIX restores the natural balance of the skin. In the study, the skin was pre-damaged and afterwards treated daily with ALGAE BIOMATRIX over the course of two weeks. During this time there was a clearly measurable reduction in transepidermal water loss of the skin. It was shown that the skin treated with ALGAE BIOMATRIX was more intensely regenerated than untreated skin. This was statistically significant both the 7th and 14th day. **


The skin-smoothening effect
ALGAE BIOMATRIX noticeably smoothens the skin. In the study chemically pre-damaged skin was treated daily with ALGAE BIOMATRIX and the roughness of the skin was measured. In untreated areas, the roughness increased steadily during the test of 14 days whereas the treatment with ALGAE BIOMATRIX led to pronounced reduction in roughness in the skin test area. **


The hydration effect
ALGAE BIOMATRIX supplies the skin with an effective moisturisation, giving back freshness and suppleness to damaged skin. The study tested chemically pre-damaged skin on its hydration values. After 14 days of daily application the ALGAE BIOMATRIX treated areas showed a significantly higher hydration rate that the untreated areas. The hydration rate after 14 days was even higher than those obtained before the start of the study. **

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