Skin-soothing effect

COLLAGEN BIOMATRIX helps the skin to rapidly and effectively regain its natural balance. The study measured a reduction of UV-induced skin reddening after application of COLLAGEN BIOMATRIX by an average of 27.5 %, whereas the listed comparative products generated a lower effect (measurement obtained 24 hours after applying the test products twice in comparison to untreated skin).



Wrinkle smoothing effect

COLLAGEN BIOMATRIX firms and smoothens the skin. In the study, a reduction in the wrinkle depth around the eyes by an average of 15 % was determined 20 minutes after the application. The face mask of a leading cosmetics brand achieved only an average reduction of 6 % within the same time frame.



Moisturizing effect

COLLAGEN BIOMATRIX increases the skin’s moisture balance and thus improves its structure and firmness. 20 minutes after the application the study measured an increase in skin moisture around the eyes by an average of 59 %. The comparative product accomplished only an average increase of 12 % and after two hours, even a reduction compared to the initial value was detected.

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