– Plant-based active agent relaxes the facial features
– The gentle and effective concept – non-invasive



Facial expressions and other influences leave traces on the face

Our skin is exclusively moved by the muscles beneath it. Thus, each change in facial expression leads to the muscles stretching and compressing the facial skin above them. The consequences are particularly evident on the face. Because, in addition to thousands of muscle contractions a day, the face is subjected to sun, cold and dryness.

What might be without consequences for a young skin with plenty of elastic fibers and moisture leads to visible changes with increasing age. If this is coupled with other damage, such as incorrect care, stress, nicotine, etc. there will be more and more dramatic changes in the skin’s texture. Wrinkles form in the eye or nasolabial area, on the forehead or between the eyebrows. The skin decelerates its production of supportive collagen and elastin fibers, becomes thinner and finds it harder and harder to store moisture.

Relaxation for the muscles

Immobilizing the facial muscles leads to a considerable decrease in wrinkles. Up until recently, the only way to do this was to directly inject the muscles with the bacterial toxin botulinumtoxin (trade name Botox®). This blocks the facial muscles for up to six months. For this long period, the facial expressions are also greatly impaired.

This led to faces often becoming so expressionless, that Hollywood directors such as Martin Scorsese and Baz Luhrmann (“Moulin Rouge”, “Romeo and Juliet”) complained: Their wrinkle-free actors could no longer be used as mimes as they were no longer capable of mimic expressions.



Tried and Tested Collagen Biomatrix with innovative active agent

When applied externally, the newly developed active agent Myoxinol® leads to gentle immobilization of the facial muscles.

The collagen mask Skin Relax contains this effective active agent which is extracted from hibiscus seed. The affected areas of skin can now be specifically treated without invasive operations. The treatment is very gentle without completely laming the muscles. The features look relaxed and the facial expressions are not impaired.

Convincing Fourfold Effect

Thanks to a special fourfold effect, Collagen Skin Relax leads to visible smoothening of the skin, which is gentle yet effective:

  • Myoxinol® relaxes the facial features and smoothens the expression lines without invasive operations.
  • The active agent from hibiscus esculentus decelerates the processes of biological skin aging by its cell-protecting (antioxidant) effects.
  • Native collagen balances out the skin’s moisture loss and gives you a youthfully fresh complexion.
  • The collagen biomatrix calms the skin and balances out the complexion.

Myoxinol® – Naturally Effective

Myoxinol® is a patented active agent complex on the basis of oligopeptides which are extracted from the seed of hibiscus esculentus.

These plant peptides combat wrinkles in a similar way to botulinumtoxin by blocking mechanical factors which are responsible for the formation of expression lines. Furthermore, due to its biological effect, Myoxinol® delays skin aging.

Effect Proven by Studies

To prove the efficacy a test model was selected for cultivating muscle and nerve cells together. The effect of Myoxinol® was measured over 24 hours and a significant reduction of muscle cell contractions was observed at the end of this time. Thus Myoxinol® combats the most important mechanical reason for the development of expression lines.

A further in-vitro study proves that Myoxinol® is highly effective in combating free radicals. (Source: Cognis Deutschland GmbH – Press release Feb 2004)


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