– Lightens freckles, pigment changes and age spots
– Balances the complexion
– Smoothens wrinkles and fine lines



Used regularly, MATRICOL® Whitening lightens the skin and gives it a radiant appearance. The selected plant ingredients fade freckles, pigment changes, brown spots or age spots. The result is a fresh and clear complexion which regains its original radiance. MATRICOL® Whitening is suitable for all skin types.

Proven effect thanks to Rovisome
The active ingredient contained in MATRICOL® Whitening is Rovisome. This is proven to suppress the skin’s surplus pigmentation and bleach age-induced skin spots. Melanin is the skin’s natural pigment, which – depending on the skin type (genetic disposition) and environmental influences is synthesized in various concentrations in the melanocytes. The melanocytes are pigment cells, which occur in the basal membrane of the epidermis and make up 5-10 percent of the cellular structure (1,200 – 1,500 melanocytes per cm2). UV light stimulates the cells of the basal layer, so that they divide at a faster rate. At the same time, the melanocytes are also stimulated and form larger quantities of melanin, which is transported to the keratinocytes and is visible there as a brown skin color.



The key enzyme of melanin synthesis, tyrosinase, is activated by UV radiation and plays an inducive role in many intermediate stages of pigmentation. Tyrosinase is a regulable enzyme, which requires both the substrate and bivalent metal ions for its catalytic activity. The currently standard procedures for inhibiting melanin synthesis in order to generate a lightening of the skin are based on substances which directly interact with the tyrosinase or indirectly regulate its activity – for example, by complexing the required metal ions. The currently best known active ingredient for depigmentation is hydrochinone. However, with long-term applications, this leads to serious side effects and, for this reason, was limited in some countries in terms of its concentration of use or forbidden for the use in cosmetic products. More tolerable skin-lightening substances, which are currently used, are plant-based.

Rovisome = Aloesin + Arbutin
Rovisome contains a combination of two tyrosinase inhibitors, which differ in terms of their effect mechanism:

  • Aloesin, an active ingredient extracted from the aloe plant, acts as a non-competitive tyrosinase inhibitor. It does not interact at the active center of tyrosinase, but disturbs the interaction of the enzyme substrate complex and suppresses the conversion of DOPA to melanin.
  • Arbutin, which is extracted from the leaves of the schisandra, is characterized by a competitive inhibition of tryosinase. This active ingredient directly adheres to the active center of the enzyme and thus suppresses the substrate (DOPA).

These plant-based active ingredients are encapsulated in lipid vesicles (Rovisome), which both increase the stability of the water-soluble active substances and also increase the bioavailability of the skin lighteners in the skin. The Rovisomes, which consist of phospholipids, contain a high percentage of linoleic acid, which also inhibits the melanin synthesis and thus supports the depigmentation effect.



Fields of Application
MATRICOL® Whitening is excellent for the treatment of hyperpigmentation. But local treatment, e.g. of age spots, is also particularly effective with MATRICOL® Whitening. Your complexion is evenly lightened and the skin shows a balanced appearance.

Frequency of Application
A lasting effect of MATRICOL® Whitening is dependent on daily application wherever possible. With larger intervals, the treatment should be complemented by daily skincare with other cosmetic products which contain a whitening active ingredient. During a curative daily treatment, you should make sure that you apply a high SPF (SPF 30) to the skin to protect the skin and support the treatment. So that a visible result can be achieved by treatment with MATRICOL® Whitening, the treatment duration should be at least 30 minutes. The treatment success can be positively influenced by the use of Vitamin C ampoules.


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